Peace of mind for real estate investors!

Real-estate agent, tenant and administrator in one!

Peace of mind for all real estate investors!

Without any hidden costs we will rent your real estate object directly. This comes with a guaranteed return every month, even in case of vacancy. In addition, we manage your property free of charge. One party to put all your concerns to rest!


– Higher returns due to guaranteed occupation for 12 months per year;
– Secure letting to screened tenants with a strong capital base for a period of 6 to 12 months on average;
– Vacancy is our loss;
– Guaranteed returns;
– No brokerage fees;
– We rent for a period of 5 years (shorter or longer is negotiable);
– We guarantee a very high service level;
– Free financial, technical and commercial management;
– Full inspection report upon checking in and out;
– Free management with multi-year maintenance plan;
– Annual indexing of the rental price.


Please note: The VAT on renovation costs may, in certain cases, be deducted as input tax (transformation and/or newly built houses).

Please call me back!, peace of mind for all real estate investors in the whole region!

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