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Step 1: In-take of the real-estate object
We will visit you for an informative meeting within 5 working days of the initial contact. We take care of the in-take and explain the workflow. A rental proposal is made based on your wishes and the characteristics of the property.
Step 2: Rental proposal
After the take-in you will receive the non-binding rental proposal within 5 working days. In this rental proposal you can find the rent guaranteed by us, the term of the rental agreement and associated conditions. The rental contract is also included in the appendix.
The rental proposal is based on your wishes and the characteristics of the property, such as the size, location, number of houses / apartments / rooms, the duration of the contract, the notice period, the deposit, etc.
Step 3: Rental agreement
The rental agreement that you receive with the rental proposal forms the basis for the lease of your property. It is also the agreement between you and The mutually agreed arrangements are clearly laid out in the rental contract, such as the commencement date of the contract, the amount of rent, the management of the property and the cancellation period.
Step 4: Payment of the rent and deposit guarantees that your monthly rent will be paid on the agreed date during the rental agreed period. The initial rent and deposit will be transferred to you before the start date of the lease. The deposit always equals 1 month’s rent.
Step 5: Transfer of the keys
Once the lease has been signed by you and, the initial rental period and the deposit have been received by you, the key transfer will take place. A final pre-inspection your property will be arranged and you will receive a full report of the current situation.
Step 6: Property management takes over the complete technical and financial management from you, free of charge during the rental period. Your home will be inspected periodically, if desired in the presence of you. At the end of the lease you will receive the property back in the same state as received by
Please note: lets for a period of 1-12 months to corporate employees and expats. The rent is paid by the tenant. If required, we can also take care of the furnishing of the property.

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