An initiative of VGW Group

Damian Winkelman owner of VGW Group

Real-estate agent, tenant and administrator in one!

We are the real-estate agent, tenant and administrator for your property!
VERHUURVERZEKERD.NL gives you peace of mind and guarantees a montly return. is an initiative of the VGW Group, an organisation that consists of several real-estate related companies such as VGW ShortStay, VGW Beheer, VGW Housing, VGW Bedrijfsvastgoed and VGW Makelaars. Each with its own speciality, so you only have to maintain contact with one party. as your real-estate agent

With no real-estate agent is needed anymore. You no longer pay brokerage fees and management costs. We will of course take care of the legal and financial settlements. Furthermore, we only select suitable tenants, mainly existing of expats and multinational companies. as your administrator

At you pay no costs for financial and technical management. We regularly check your property and perform maintenance. as your tenant directly rents the property from you as a landlord. As a result, you are 100% assured of timely and full payment. We record all matters discussed in an agreement for the concerned period. Whether or not we have arranged a tenant ourselves, you will receive your return every month at the agreed time.

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